Germantown Property Reassessment Project

March 4, 2021

This week property owners will receive a letter and preliminary notice from Ralph Delpozzo, Sole Assessor of Germantown.  Ralph worked with the Columbia County Real Property Tax Service Agency to research our properties and update the total inventory, including valuations.   This will effect what owners pay beginning in 2021 for school tax and in 2022 for Town/County taxes

This reassessment process was started by the Town Board in November 2018 on the recommendation of NYS and Columbia County, to bring fairness and equity to property values and the amount of real property and school tax owners pay.  NYS recommends that towns conduct a reassessment every five to seven years. 

It is important to note that the Town will not receive any additional real property tax as a result of the reassessment.  Rather, some property owners will see their values increase while others decrease and some might remain the same. In addition to the preliminary notice this week, property owners will receive a tentative notice on or about May 1, and then a final notice on or about July 1. 

The point is to redistribute the tax burden in a fair and equitable way: based on property value.  Local property values have increased with new sales over the last several years.  There will be owners that will pay more tax and there will be others that pay less, and some that see no change going forward.     

If you have any questions about your preliminary assessment, please refer to the contact information in the notice.