NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Board of the Town of Germantown, Columbia County, New York, at a regular meeting thereof on July 13, 2021, adopted a resolution, an abstract of which follows, subject to a permissive referendum: The purpose of the resolution was to grant a necessary easement to National Grid on Town owned property at 50 Palatine Park Road, Germantown to install a pole and anchor for the Town’s EV charging station. Said Resolution shall not take effect until thirty days after the date of its adoption, nor until approved by the affirmative vote of a majority of the qualified electors of the Town voting on such proposition, if within thirty days after the adoption of this Resolution, there be filed with the Town Clerk a petition signed, and acknowledged or proved, or authenticated by electors of the Town qualified to vote upon a proposition to raise and expend money, in number equal to at least five per centum of the total vote cast for governor in the Town at the last general election held for the election of state officers, protesting against this Resolution and requesting a referendum thereon. A full copy of the Resolution is on file in the Town Clerk’s Office at the Germantown Town Hall, 50 Palatine Park Road, Germantown, New York, and can be examined during normal business hours.

Dated: July 13, 2021

Joyce Vale
Town Clerk
Town of Germantown