Over the past few months, Columbia County Solid Waste has been experiencing issues restocking their inventory of County garbage bags. We were notified by our vendor that they were opting out of our contract due to their inability to secure resin, ink and employees. We have been dealing with this vendor for over 20 years, having little success with other vendors who have bid in previous years, we made the decision to switch over to a “tag system”.

We felt it was the perfect time to implement and a wonderful way to eliminate extra plastic being disposed of in the landfill.
We will start distributing tags as our inventory of remaining bags run out. The new tag system will consist of 3 different color tags. Eventually we will no longer offer 5 different size bags.

Tag Requirements:
 One tag is required for each plastic trash bag
 Tag must be affixed to the bag, either around neck of bag or the bag itself
It is recommended that garbage tags be purchased as a sheet (5 tags/sheet)

See Full Memo Below

Memo from Columbia County Solid Waste Re: New Trash Tag System